Bathroom faucet inspired by nature

Sozu is a modern bathroom faucet created from two words, "natural" and "harmony". My focus was to create a faucet that encourages the user to be more mindful about their water consumption. "Where does my water come from?" was a question I continued to ask myself throughout the design process. With early inspiration from Japanese bamboo fountains, Sozu was designed to form a more natural user experience.

4 weeks, Winter 2019

Personal project

Where does your water come from?

Today, the act of using water is mindless. We need a faucet that makes you think twice about your relationship with water consumption.

Natural harmony

Used to define Sozu's meaning, and its environment. "Natural" inspiration to connect Sozu to its source, and "Harmony" to welcome Sozu into the home.



Design process

Guided by the two words, and using reference to sketch from natural elements such as rocks and plants. Eventually landing on the bamboo sozu as inspiration for the function and form of the design.

Full-scale model

In order to fully visualize Sozu, I needed to make a full-scale, appearance model to grasp dimensions, and functionality.


Sozu meaning

Otherwise known as Shishi-odoshi, refers to a Japanese garden fountain that collects rain water. A bamboo tube will collect water until its balance pivots; spilling the water into a basin with a loud "clunk" noise.


Bamboo-inspired bathroom faucet

Instinctual controls

Tilting Sozu down allows water to flow. Sozu will slowly tilt back up to turn itself off.

Point of rotation

Water flows through a double-layered funnel. The smaller area creates a stronger pressure with free waterflow.

Temperature control

A dial on top allows you to set the perfect temperature and keep it there every time you come back to wash your hands.